Last year when H1N1 floated up the base idea of having a chicken pox party was revitalized and revived. The principal idea behind these parties is to throughout the guys and gals who did not had this awful disease in their life time to check what they go through and get on in their lives. This idea made lots of heads go high leading to a heated discussion. The question that aroused was why to do it deliberately.

Many parents thought that their children should catch as many illnesses as possible while they are children as this is a natural cycle and will be good when they grow up. Even it may be harmful if they have complex illness after they turn into adults, Chicken pox is one of them.

In previous years like seventies parents used to expose their children to the infected children just to let their kids have the disease. The success rate was even as some kids got the infection and some did not. This practice was in full swing during the seventies.

Now a day’s vaccines are available for almost every infection of the children even for chicken pox which is good in a way. The Chicken pox can become lethal if proper care is not taken care off.

A small problem called Autism is the main reason because of which many parents have decided not to vaccinate their children. The number of parents who believe this is a substantially large number and other parents feel that there will be an excess amount of lead in chicken pox vaccine. There is a category of parents who object to give foreign substances to their children.

Here the question is what actually is the chicken pox party? It is a low key affair. Here the children are let to socialize with other infected children literally sharing every things even the foods and drinks. The parents also do socialize while letting the children mingle among themselves. In this way the infection spreads making others sick.

Now the question arises what does the doctors or pediatricians think about this? Well as we all assume they are 100% against this. Though the reason they feel so strong about is not the chicken pox but the other illness like strep infections which can also have a go around in the kids.

When my sister decided to have this party many parents along with their children gathered at her house. The success rate here was also not good; very few caught the infection with only one of the family friends daughter has to be taken to the hospital for cure of chicken pox.

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