Have you ever heard of carpet recycling? You are probably familiar with paper recycling and recycling of plastic and metal. But today there is a huge industry in recycling carpet. The industry it helping to keep our environment cleaner. As you can imagine it takes a lower amount of energy to recycle old products into new.

There are many companies recycling carpet. In the past, old carpet would be thrown in land fills. One hotel with thousands of feet of carpet would simply call, in the past, the waste company and throw out their old carpet when they were upgrading their guest rooms. This is a large amount of material. Did you know that billions of pounds of carpet have gone into the land fills annually up until now?

The recycling process includes shredding. The carpet is shredded and broken down into fiber that is washed so that all the dirt and dust is removed. It is then pressed into various forms depending on the products it will produce.

You would be surprised at the products that are created with recycled carpet. One obvious product that is created is carpet padding. This is the padding that goes under the carpet and provides the cushioning. Old carpet is made into composite lumber. Composite lumber is made into decks and sheets that are used for walls.

Another product carpet is turned into is tile backer board which is used to attach tile to walls and floors. Carpet can be recycled into roof shingles. What was once used on the floor is not used on the roof.

Carpet is not easy to recycle however. The process is tedious and time consuming compared to other recycling jobs. The carpet is made up of the face fiber and the backing system. The face fiber is the area of the carpet you walk on and see on the floor.

This is the most valuable part of the carpet. It makes up half of the weight of the carpet. The backing is what is on the bottom of the carpet when it is on the floor. The padding has to be pulled apart from the face fiber before the recycling process can start.

More and more companies are starting a carpet recycling division. As the profit margin grows in this business, more companies are getting involved in this needed service. There is a lot of cost in this method of recycling, but many companies see a good future in it.

Carpet Recycling

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