Is A Swimdress The Right Suit For You?

Don’t let the next new thing get by you. This year there is a surprising comeback peeking around the corner- the swimdress. If someone had told you that you would look great in a swimdress you might have laughed while thinking of your grandmother. It may seem that in recent years skimpy is the name of the game- all you have to do is look at everything that ends with “kini”. However you may be surprised to find how fashion and comfort have taken this classic to a whole new level.

Your reasons for choosing a swimdress could be many. Some like the feel of more coverage. Whatever your reason there is a swimdress just right for you. Swimdresses in the 1940’s were pear shaped and solid print. No imagination there- let’s modernize that look. First of all you need to find the style that you like the best. Some can have just a little fringe at the bottom, while others sport a longer, teasing skirt. Re-imagined solids, prints, plaids and more- find the right material and style.

Women with full sized figures will like the way a swimdress can expose their good features and hide the unlovely. If you have great legs but don’t like your arms or bust, you can use a small skirt to highlight your lower body. On the other hand if you would like to keep attention away from the legs, you can use a longer solid skirt- calling all off the attention to the top. You can choose where you want to be covered and what to reveal. This year you can be comfortable and stylish.

More mature women may want a swimdress that will hide any areas they are not fond. The empire waist swimdress has the effect of making a woman’s shrinking frame look impressive. You could also go for something with a twist. A flirty twist swimdress will cling to your waist but flair out into a skirt. If you are the type that would like to look a little more natural you could try one with a halter top. Because it looks like a sundress you can wear it on the beach or while having your lunch outdoors.

With these tips, finding your perfect swimdress should be a breeze. Whatever the look- from subtle, to sporty, to flirty. Never again will you have to wonder what to wear to the beach, your swimwear will make you look perfect, in and out of the water.

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