Is A Stairlift An Essential Purchase?

Money is stressful. Increased bills and the ever rising cost of gas and oil can test even the tightest budgets. But if you’re one of the thousands who put off investing in a stair lift you will be surprised to hear about the reductions, grants and flexible payment options on offer. With the right advice and the right lift for your mobility needs, paying a little now can save a lot more in the long term.

If this is the first time you have given any thought to the matter, you will be pleased to hear that no obligation quotes and impartial free advice are widely available. Charities, occupational therapists and even manufacturers are all on hand to help plan, reduce and spread the initial costs of the investment.

A second option is to look at second hand models. The way in which stair lifts are installed, means they can be easily removed and fitted elsewhere. There are stringent regulations on safety and by law these must always be met. This means that home owners have both piece of mind and a fantastic adaptation to increase their mobility and even the price of their home.

The second option may sound costly, but manufacturers understand their customer’s financial positions and other obligations. After all they have been in the market longer! Almost every company offers hire purchase (HP) plans or interest free instalments on brand new models. Any company wanting upfront payment in full should be reported to the a local authority or charity.

Charities also provide the same help and often much faster. They will also help select the stair lift best suited to individual needs. Home is where the heart is and often adapting that home is the most cost effective option. With lifts starting from as little as a few hundred pounds, you really can’t put a price on mobility.

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