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One of the most profitable investment solutions for an accredited investor is the almighty Pre IPO, seed capital opportunity. Though extremely profitable this transaction is not for the non accredited or amateur investor. The risks are numerous such as how long it will take the company to achieve it’s symbol, post public market creation and investor relations, corporate publicity, SEC audit and the ‘C’ level executives’ professional pedigree just to name a few.

But when one takes all of this into consideration it is ideal to team up with a brokerage or consulting firm who specializes in the task of corporate strategies and IPOs. When a motivated and seasoned investor aligns himself/herself with a solid firm with who has access to IPO’s it can be an extremely profitable venture and one of the few win/win situations in the investment industry.

Having access to a steady stream of Pre IPOs allows an investor to diversify in highly sought after and deeply discounted seed stock and also creates a rewarding solution for the IPO facilitators as they are raising capital and qualifying the company for it’s offering.

There are a few things that an investor should consider when seeking a strategic alliance with an IPO facilitator: how long on average does it take the firm to complete a transaction from S1 to Symbol? What does the post public Investor Relations strategy look like to create the market? Do they have a market maker or broker dealer ready to sponsor the stock? What does the client company’s executive staff, business model, board of directors and strategic partnerships look like? And who is doing the pre IPO audit on the client company?

These are just a few things to consider when finding stepping out to get involved with the much sought after pre IPO investment market.

The author of this article is not a broker dealer or licensed securities agent and one should always seek the consultation of a licensed agent before getting involved with an investment of any kind. This article is for information purposes only.

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