iPhone Applications: Why it is not just another phone!

It is the phone that took the world by storm. Launched amongst huge media frenzy and peer hype, iPhone has many expectations to live up to. The sleek black instrument is not just a phone, it is so much more.

Some of the more remarkable applications are so diverse and rewarding that they are truly a marketing asset. Like the 101 cookbooks application for example. It is a cooking website created by 101 cookbooks for your easy recipe search while you are on the go. Then, there is another called goMovies wherein you can look up the movie show times according to the zip code. This is a fad that is catching up fast, so keep an eye out for more of these in the future.

Are you addicted to browsing through pictures in Flicker? While there is no direct iPhone interface for Flicker yet iPhlickr is a fantastic alternative to check your pictures on Flicker. What distinguish an iPhone from other mobiles are the applications it comes with. The unique selling point of iPhone is any day its applications and hence the marketing of iPhone is only the iPhone app marketing at the end of the day.

Then there is another application called the Gas.app. The function it does here being supplying you with the information of the nearest gas station once you feed it the zip code. There is also the additional advantage of showing the Google map view to the gas station as well. For all the news fanatics the iActu could be the iPhone application that swings the deal its favor. iActu is an application which acts as an interface for all the popular news outlets like the Wall Street journal, NY Times, etc. Going through all the headlines is a piece of cake now, with the browsing made so easy and accessible, thanks to the iPhone application iActu.

The simplest and the most widely used iPhone application is the One Trip Shopping list application. It is an extremely simple and quick means to organize your shopping list. It is widely acknowledged as the most useful iPhone application and the most often used as well. With the phone turning out to be all and more than it promised, it the applications that being developed quickly to complement the marketing. It can only keep getting better, the experts say, and that is true. Better and more sophisticated applications can only offer a better iPhone experience.

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