IPhone App Gives You A Baby Monitor To Go

Anyone living with an infant is aware of the wisdom in buying a baby monitor of high quality. But you will not necessarily be there in the house while the child is asleep, as there will be times when you are at someone else’s home or on a vacation, and it is simply too difficult to lug your home monitor along for the journey. Fortunately, there’s now a simple answer. It’s known as the baby monitor application for iPhones, and it works anyplace you are able to use your phone.

After you put your little one down for a nap, just activate the application and leave the phone in the room. When it detects any sounds, it will call a pre-set phone number and alert you that your baby has awakened. This application is perfect for when you are in the same house as the child, but I doubt anyone will be using it when they are on the other side of town! Its unlimited range means that it’s a great supplement to your usual baby monitor if you’re likely to be a bit further away from the house.

The application is complete with a number of other helpful options. For example, you may wish to stipulate a certain amount of time that the sound persists before it phones you. As a result, if your little one is simply making sounds while asleep, you won’t be falsely notified.

You can even opt to make the phone play soothing music when noise is detected, to help your child fall back to sleep. Then, should the baby continue to be upset after a set period of time, you will be alerted by the phone. It’s even able to keep a record of everything that goes on in the room so you can play it back at a later time and find out what your little one was up to in their sleep.

There is one concern with the application though; it starts working right away, meaning that you have to wait for your little one to be completely asleep before you leave it next to them, otherwise you will get a call immediately. You will also want to make sure you have call forwarding enabled or set the phone on silent to ensure that any incoming phone calls won’t awaken your little one.

Needless to say, this app isn’t meant to completely replace a conventional monitor, and it certainly doesn’t take the place of the attentive eye of a caregiver. But for a small price, you will enjoy added peace of mind about your little one’s well being anywhere you both might be.

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