Marketing : Marketing is analyzing and satisfying consumer needs.A stratagical planning and executing of a set of objectives to bring buyers and sellers together so that a sale
can take place.

In the 3 M’s of Business model Marketing play a key role.

3M’s are Money,Management,Marketing

Buying and Selling of and exchannge of goods for an agreed amount.

Marketing is the promotion of products oe service especially advertising and branding.

The 4 P’s of Marketing are

* Product
* Price
* Place
* Promotion

Marketing can be classified as 3C model also

* Customer
* Company
* Competitor

3 conceptions of marketing are

Production concept
Selling concept
Marketing concept

Short Term Factors in Marketing System are


Long Term Factors in Marketing System are


Different Components of a Marketing Plan:

1. Market Research/Analysis
2. Marketing Objectives/Goals
3. Marketing Mix/Strategy
4. Marketing Budget
5. Market Monitoring and Evaluating
6. Plan Check List

Types of Marketing:

Internet Marketing
Offline Marketing
Word of Mouth Marketing
Guriall Marketing
Email Marketing
Viral Marketing
Print Advertising
Direct Mail
TV and Radio
Organic Search
Pay Per Click
Social Media Marketing
Banner Advertising
Network Marketing
Services Marketing
Evangelism Marketing
Relationship Marketing
Experiential Marketing
Mobile Marketing

New Media Marketing types:

• Internet
• Mobile phones


Exploratory Research : better understanding of the problem dimensions.
Descriptive Research : general understanding of the marketing problem
Causal Research : used to identify cause-and-effect relationship.

Top Marketing Rules:

Rules are Meant to be Broken if needed
Marketing Must Result in Sales and growth
Be unique
Keep a deadline

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