Technology continues to change and develop. With the recent conversion of analog to digital television reception, televisions are no different. The Sony KDL32EX603 offers a wide variety of features for this technologically growing time.

This television is an LCD television with a thirty two inch screen. It is slim in size. It is seventy six point four inches long, forty seven point five inches tall and seven point three inches deep. It weighs nine point one kilograms. If the table stand is used the dimensions do not change too drastically. The height only changes by roughly three inches while the depth becomes twenty five inches. The weight changes to eleven point one kilograms. The television offers a left and right swivel of twenty degrees.

The price of the television varies. It ranges from eight hundred to nine hundred fifty pounds.

The warranty also varies based on seller. Check with where it is being purchased for warranty details. It often includes parts and labor.

There are a number of ways to set up the television. It can be set on an entertainment center. However, it can also be hung on the wall. This requires a wall-mount bracket. A speaker bar is also available.

A nineteen twenty by ten eighty picture resolution is boasted for high definition. There are free digital channels included with the television. These are not limited to only basic channels but also includes high definition and music channels. This keeps from having a heap of cables cluttering the area as required with cable boxes. There are also no contracts. The picture is LED back lit. This technology provides for energy saving and slimmer design. Built in to the television is a sensor that reads lighting levels in the room. It then automatically adjusts the picture quality for an optimum viewing experience.

Speakers are invisible. They are built into the unit and both speakers have a ten watt outage. This product has digital sound. An output for five point one audio is included. There is also a jack for headphones.

Inputs are numerous and versatile. There are a total of four HDMI inputs. Two of them are located on the side and two are on the back. Although it does support a computer through HDMI, there is an individual personal computer input. Composite and component video and audio inputs are included. One USB input is located on the unit and there is also a USB player for play of audio files and view of picture files. It is wireless internet capable with the addition of a wireless adapter. This is separate from the included internet video viewer that is on the television.

Eco settings can be found in the settings of the television. These allow the user to change the energy usage to reduce energy bills and the carbon footprint.

The Sony KDL32EX603 television comes with many features. These include not only menu options but inputs as well. It’s slim design allows it to fit virtually anywhere. Its capability to be wall mounted adds to its versatility of placement. It is also designed to be environment friendly.

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