In our social networks, Steve Gibson, CEO of Gearbox Software, developed the games Half—Life: Blue Shift, as well as the add-ons Half-Life: Opposing Force, Half-Life High Definition Pack, and Half-Life: Decay, and the game Borderlands, will speak.

The interview will be conducted by Sergey Ulankin, the editor-in-chief of Kanobu, and our old friend.

What makes Gearbox Software interesting: We tell you about three bright projects of the company


Borderlands-a fantastic action game with RPG elements, the events of which unfold on a distant planet named Pandora, inhabited by colonists. People who arrived on the planet, waiting for a different, better life, and received new enemies and a lack of vital resources. the story of the game is built around a group of four mercenaries who arrived on pandora for-profit and landed — like all the inhabitants of the planet — in a hole. Together, they decide to find a legendary Hideout that is rumored to hold countless treasures of bygone civilizations.

Players are free to go all the way to the Shelter either alone or in a co-op for four players, which will appeal to all fans of co-op entertainment. In Borderlands, there is simplified character customization, which is limited only to the color of the player’s armor, as well as weapon options; legions of enemies, large and very diverse guns, as well as special skills available only to one character class, of which there are only four.

As of May 2019, the series has sold a total of more than 43 million copies. the most successful in terms of sales was borderlands 2, which had 20 million copies distributed. in 2016, based on the plot of the franchise, they even planned to make a movie.

Homeworld: Remastered collection

A hundred years ago, an ancient spaceship was found under the sands of the Great Desert. Deep in its depths, we discovered a stone that forever changed the course of our history. engraved on its surface were a galactic map and a single word, hiigara. our house…

With these words, back in 1999, the original Homeworld began, the world’s first truly three-dimensional real — time strategy game on the one hand, and an exciting dramatic saga on the other. For the gaming industry, it became the same as Battlestar Galactica for telefantastiki-a cult project in narrow circles that you could either love at first sight, or, without getting into it, throw it away and never remember it again. Even with the advent of all sorts of “ideological imitators” like the same Haegemonia, Homeworld has always remained somewhere on the sidelines, loved by loyal fans, so not really challenged by rivals and forgotten by ordinary people.

To rekindle the faded spark took in Gearbox Software, which got the rights to the brand after the bankruptcy of the former owner, THQ. And released an exemplary example without five minutes of a perfect reissue of a cult classic.

homeworld remastered collection combined under one icon both numbered parts of the space saga, and each-in two versions: updated and classic.

The game received high critical acclaim and a rating of 95 out of 100 on

Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World tour

Duke Nukem 3D was a chance to go back to 1996 and once again give a thrashing to the aliens. The great hero once again saves the world — and on the way deals with terrible monsters and saves beautiful girls.

Actor John St. John (John St. John), who gave Duke his inimitable voice, re-recorded all the old phrases and expanded the list with new ones. The sound quality has also been improved.

The developers of Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour did not set out to restart the franchise or force people to rethink their attitude to the game. It turned out to be a good gift for fans of Duke Nukem with a new chapter, designed in the best traditions of the original, and at the same time a good offer for those who want to fully experience all the features of the shooter of the 90s.

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