Web hosting is normally done either from the site owner’s private computer, or by employing the services of a web hosting company. Web hosting companies have many options and service levels to choose from.

If you do decide to host a website on your own, be weary of the security risks. Hackers prowl the internet twenty-four hours a day searching for vulnerabilities on web servers so they can vandalize, take over, or infect computers. Unless you’re up on all the security patches as they become available, you risk your data, and potentially your whole network.

Next, you have to consider the toll it will take on your bandwidth. If you plan to host from a consumer type internet plan, you are seriously compromising your speed and connectivity as it will be drained by serving files over the internet.

When choosing to go with a web hosting provider, you’ll never have to worry about security risks, backups of your date, or unneeded strain on your bandwidth. Most small websites start off with something called “Shared Hosting”. It’s the cheapest option and basically means your site is hosted on one web server that also serves many other sites that are customers of the host. This is generally okay for most people, but if another site on your server experiences problems or becomes popular quickly, it can affect your sites responsiveness and availability.

Virtual Private hosting offers much more stability. While still sharing a physical server, the server is split into virtual machines where each one gets a guaranteed distribution of resources, whether they use them or not. This way another site will never affect your site’s performance.

Dedicated web hosting is the best bet for sites where 100% uptime is a critical matter. Your site is on one dedicated machine and all of the resources are just for your site. This option is much more expensive than shared hosting, but the advantage is speed and more versatility with what kind of databases you can use and more.

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