Interior Design Trends For 2010

Every year, the trends of everything changes; be it interior designs, dress designs, shoes, clothes, gadgets etc. With a minor change here and there, the looks or the appearances of the things change. We witness every year that the colours that were in fashion last year are replaced by the different ones.

This is how things work every year. The designers from different fields introduce new things, new colours and new designs. Therefore, the interior design trends also change every year. The big guns of the field from all around the world are the major players in deciding the trend for the year.

Along with the neutral and calm tones, a combination of the more vibrant colours has been introduced. People are inclined to do experiments with these combinations. It includes the earth tones like brown, in combination with the bold colours such as pink, yellows, blues and purples.

These combinations are thought to be the most balanced combinations for the interior. For instance, yellow colour brings vibrancy that can be controlled or balanced by the soothing green shades. Thus the combination can make quite a statement.

There was a time when wallpaper was common and liked by everyone, but gradually it lost its attraction, and people moved towards painted walls and ceilings. As history repeats itself, so once again wallpapers are “in”, and special patterns mainly in the colour shades of greens, blues, mustard and bronzes are becoming increasingly popular. Wallpapers create a visual impact in the room and break the monotonous outlook. These are extremely eye-catching and give a pleasurable affect.

Be bold! This is one of the mantras being used by interior decorators in establishing the new interior trends of the year 2010. Big wall hangings and picture frames are “in”, but one thing should be kept in mind that not too many wall pictures or decorative hangings are placed together, as they make the place look smaller and congested. Rugs are also “in” and placed as wall hangings as well as on floors.

Glamour and risk taking designs are very much in fashion in the year 2010, and people are looking forward to making their houses and workplaces unique and different from the typical looks. Interior designers have kept their fingers crossed as they believe that the mushrooming sense of optimism will be reflected in individuals as well as their surroundings, which best explain personality of the individuals.

All the old stuffs, such as the crocheted cushions and all other such stuffs, are back “in”. Similarly, you can use all the antique pieces from different cultures for the decoration of your room. Mix and match the trends prevalent in the different eras, as they are back in fashion. So, now it is up to you as to how you want to mix and match the stuff and the colours to create a unique and traditional look. In short, everything is in trend. There is no restriction to anything; the only thing is that you must avoid is the modern but flat and unnatural looking stuff.

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