Interested In The Kettler LS Rowing Machine

Over the past few years, a company which has been providing exercise machines for some time has really been doing well. The brand I’m talking about is Kettler and it looks as if they’ve had another winning machine with they’re new indoor rower. If you have not yet heard about this company, then you should read on and find out the reason why they have everybody’s trust.

Karin Kettler has been operating the company since it had been passed down to her by her father within the year of 2005. The company provides all kinds of exercise machines through treadmill machines to stationary bikes as well as rowing equipment which we’ll take a quick look at now.

The indoor rower that I’d like to tell you is the Kettler Coach LS and it is the next model up from the standard coach rowing machine which was released around 7 years ago. Of course with any new release there are many updates and improvements from the older version. For example, they’ve added a linear gliding system which is a first time for any of they’re rowing machines up to this point.

Due to this improvement nowadays there are dual gliders which makes the seat more stable and allows the user to get involved with the motion of rowing far easier.

There’s also an additional ten more resistance levels which provides you with all the levels and milestones you need to reach an extremely high fitness level.

For those who don’t want to disrupt members of the family or even neighbors, the very silent magnetic opposition is a good option to keep the noise to a minimum.

With the new readouts you now get a whole host of new data including room temperature which effects your recovery not to mention the standard heart beat monitors, calorie counts and more.

And now this is when it becomes the most unique rowing machine ever created…

It arrives with a padded backboard which allows you 16 exercises beside rowing. These include upper-body strength exercises to train your shoulders, biceps, triceps, back and more.

In this very short article I have introduced you to a fabulous company and an excellent new rowing machine. However, I don’t wish to force anything on you so I really can’t stress enough just how important it is that you do more of your own research and read more reviews and comments before you make your final purchase decision.

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