Insure Safe Driving By Appropriate Auto Insurance Plan

This is quite self explanatory and many people do it.

Do get a copy of your driving record

Have a copy of your drivers license record before shopping for car insurance. Many of us have errors in our driving report that drive up our auto insurance rates. In the newspaper, a clerk of the court admitted they had a 20% error rate, and said it was normal. Just like your credit history determines your car loan approval, your driving record determines how expensive your auto insurance will be.

Car Insurance Discounts

Everyone wants a dicker, especially as car insurance arises every year. There are discounts if we can live up to some basic measures. Make sure you consult your insurance agent if you qualify for any of these discounts.

Auto Insurance Discounts You May Qualify For

Automatic Seat Belts

You can qualify for discount if you possess automatic seat belts. These belts grasps you when you close the door. Some companies offers 30% discount on Personal Injury Protection and Medical Payments coverage if the driver and passenger sides owns air bags and automatic seat belts.


Some companies give discounts off the Comprehensive premium when an active anti-theft device is present. This usually means a burglar alarm. Some companies may discount more if the alarm arms itself automatically when you turn off the vehicle.

Driving School

Some companies give drivers under age 25 who complete a state approved drivers education class up to 10% off on Bodily Injury, Property Damage, Medical Payments, Personal Injury Protection and Collision coverage.

Safe Driver

Sometimes if you’re a safe driver, usually 3 years with no points, you qualify for additional savings on different types of coverage. The insurance company will let you know. Usually on your insurance bill you’ll see something that says “Your premium reflects the maximum discount allowed for safe driver”.

Multi-Car or Home & Car

Try to use same insurance policy for your all the cars and for home as well. If you’ll use same policy for 2 cars they might give you discount and they could be more generous if you have both your cars and home insured by them.

Safe Vehicle

Some insurance companies classify certain cars as “Safe Cars”, meaning there’s statistical data to suggest that there’s less risk of injury by way of design, air bags ABS, etc. Find out if your car qualifies for this discount.

Choosing the Right Insurance Company

By now you have sufficient information you need to make a decision. However, there is something more you need to consider i.e. is the insurance company reliable?

Check the insurance company’s credibility by considering following points:

* Visit your state’s department of insurance and check the complaint ratio and rate comparison surveys.

* Get in touch with local body shops or dealerships you trust and ask which insurance companies they recommend.

* Check financial stability ratings for an insurance company by referring to the Standard & Poor’s ratings.

* Look over J.D. Power and Associates’ consumer satisfaction surveys which review auto insurance companies.

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