Institutional Lenders And Political Blood Letting And The Goblins Beneath Your Bed. A Must Read

Think back to when you were a child and your imagination was developing? You’d hear a bump from your closet or your eyes would play tricks on you as you swore you could see something slithering under your bed when the hallway light was turned off or when you’d creep, with back to the wall to the bathroom in the middle of the night and you could feel the energy of something staring at you from the opposite end of the hall’s expanse, you look up and sure enough you’d see a cast shadow made visible by the glow of a full moon peering through the window.

These recollections make us laugh as we mature and realize that is a perfectly straight forward reason for that shadow or rattling pipe etc. But this day in age it’s no longer the spooky ‘Scooby Doo’ style ghosts and goblins that haunt the dreams of our children. Instead, it’s the reality of state Marshals and Cops breaking into their home in the middle of the night to enforce a foreclosure eviction or a politician signing a bill that will strip them of their rights or the reality that when they get out of college they will immediately have a multi trillion dollar bill to pay because of today’s liberal welfare and social security misspending by politician snakes that slither around their room at night just waiting for the right time, when their guard is down, to strike.

The nightmare for our children is no longer a figment of an overgrown imagination. It’s all too real. How can we bring that innocence back into the dream space of our youth? For starters, take control of your career, step away from large corporations and get involved with the entrepreneurial small and medium size businesses in strong growth industry such as: alternative energy, technology, global distribution facilitation etc. If you are a business owner, don’t hook up an IV to the arm of your infant and sell your soul to the devil by taking a loan to grow your business. Institutional lenders backed by crooked and unqualified politicians will see to it that your company can not meet the terms and your business expansion loan will go delinquent and the IV will star sucking the life out of your offspring and all the gifts of a profitable company yielding a good college education, comfortable transition from university into a career, help with a down payment on a home and other competitive advantages that you want to provide and that your children deserve will go up in smoke while the fat cat politicians and institutional lenders laugh at you and move on to the next easy prey.

Stop and think before you fill out that bank loan application. Don’t put up your home as collateral for a business loan. Don’t take away from your children what should be theirs. Instead, do what the wealthy do, grow your company by creating opportunity for others to make money off of your business concept and track record. Even if you’re a small business making $2M per year, you can take your company public on the OTCBB. The OTCBB (Over The Counter Bulletin Board) is the spring board toward the possibility of a NASDAQ qualification but not necessarily a mandatory move to grow your company. The OTCBB is a trusted, solid exchange with respectable and consistent trading volume where you have access to all the growth capabilities of the industry big boys. You can cross collateralize your securities so you don’t have to personally sign for loans, you can purchase companies to grow quickly using your stock as currency. Bring on prize executives to help you grow your company by offering them stock in the company as they reach certain benchmark goals.

Step away from government lies that will damage the future of your children and banking contracts that will almost surely crucify your company as it’s slowly sucked into Hades like a diamond sinking into a bubbling tar pit. Take your company public and take advantage of the massive success that you truly deserve.

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