Installing Hardwood Flooring 101

Installing hardwood flooring is an easy task that you can do for your house floor. All you need to do is to follow a few steps that we will detail here for your hardwood floor installation. But what matters when you want to install your hardwood floor by yourself is to pay attention to every detail you need to learn. Be sure to read the rest of the article to help you with installing your hardwood flooring.

Make sure that you lay down a sub-floor first before installing your hardwood boards always. The sub-floor will allow you to secure the hardwood floor over pre-existing floors and gives a layer of insulation to prevent moisture.

After the sub-floor, you may begin installing your new hardwood floor. Make sure that you install the long boards first before anything else. Make it a point to always check the alignment of the hardwood planks before you nail them down in place to make sure you won’t have alignment issued afterwards.

The next step is to sand down, stain and finish your new hardwood floor. Sanding down your floor removes rough spots brought by the wood filler. You need to do sanding so that your floor is smooth. You also need to apply some stain so that your hardwood flooring is shiny and glossy.

Then you need to inspect the area where you are going to install your hardwood floor and check if there is moisture. Because if there is a huge amount of moisture, you need to use engineered floors so you can hold up low levels of moisture without damaging it. When using hardwood flooring in the kitchen and the bathroom it is more practical to use laminated hardwood flooring material so that it will be impervious to moisture. Laminated hardwood flooring materials are really not made of wood so it is not subject to the inevitable damages that moisture can do to wood flooring.

You have just read some of the things that are important for you to know when installing hardwood flooring. Make sure that you be very careful when you install your hardwood flooring.

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