Instagram offered users up to $35 thousand for publishing short videos in Reels

According to the bonus program, the authors received from several hundred to tens of thousands of dollars.

Instagram under the bonus program “Summer with video Reels” offered up to $ 35 thousand to the authors of vertical videos up to 60 seconds. TechCrunch and Business Insider write about this.
As TechCrunch notes, the rules of the bonus program are not clear. For example, a user with more than 50 thousand subscribers earned a thousand dollars in a month. At the same time, content creators who had more subscribers received $600. Others were offered $800 by the social network if they gain 1.7 million views on all videos in a month, and a Reddit user – $35 thousand for 58.31 million views over the same period.
Instagram emphasizes that the program is at the testing stage, so “the rules may change, because we have just started.” The social network promises that over time, the calculation of bonuses will become more personalized. At the moment, the opportunity to receive money for content in Reels is available only to a small number of authors in the United States.
The Verge notes that Instagram has started encouraging users to create short vertical videos to compete with TikTok. At the end of September, this social network announced that the number of active users of the platform has reached one billion per month.
Facebook Instagrammer Mark Zuckerberg announced in July payments of $1 billion until 2022 to the authors of content on Facebook and Instagram. The authors of the content in the Reels short video service will be the first to receive incentives.

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