Inside The Wine – Wine Tasting Basics

Don’t you know how to taste a wine? Let me help you. My short guide will show you the four step method. Firstly you should swirl it, then smell it, taste it and finally savor it. For more details please read this article.

Swirling. After you poured into your glass a good temperature wine from a decanter you can start tasting your wine with swirling. Only fill up your glass about half full to allow the wine to continue to mix with oxygen as you drink. Many people like to swirl their red wine around, so this gives them the space in their glass to do this and allow the wine to mix more with oxygen before drinking. Swirling releases the ethers, esters and aldehyde that combine with oxygen to yield the bouquet of the wine. So it will aerates the wine and gives you a better smell in your glass.

Smelling. Wine has over 200 different scents. Breathing refers to allowing the wine to come in contact with the oxygen in the air. For some wines, this allows the full aromas and flavors to come to the surface. Do not forget that too much oxygen can dull the flavors. Giving certain wines at least a half an hour before drinking them can do wonders to bring out their flavor and aroma.

That is totally not true that wines can breath inside the bottle. If you open a bottle and keep in there just a top of your wine can get for a little oxygen. That’s why recommended to use a simple decanter or keep in the glass before consuming it. It has benefit.

We reached the tasting phase. As everybody you also have many taste buds in your mouth around you tongue, on the tip and back of your throat. Never swallow the wine immediately because you will loose almost all the tastes. With good technique three main tastes can be occurred in the mouth.

Bitterness is caused by high tannin and alcohol content.

When you feel sweetness in your wines that means there are remaining residual sugar in it after the fermentation. You will feel it in the middle of your tongue. These wines should drink chilled.

Lighter red wines or roses content more acids. This is caused by the sour and tart.

Savoring. Sit back and enjoy the wine’s finish. You can feel that how long the tactile, aromatic and taste sensation last. In your mount and in your head. An average time for a good wine is 10 seconds. Aftertaste will fill you up even longer. Do not hesitate and give you more time for savoring. It has benefit.

Wine tasting is a great entertainment. Most of the time people do it in company. Nowadays there are many possibilities to find tastings in wineries around your corner or in other countries. As a part of the wine tourism you should consider to go

Finally let’s see typically what you should “find” in your glass at the following wines and here are some pairing options as well:

Blackcurrant: Cabernet Sauvignon and Roasted Leg of Lamb

Merlot pairs with Beef Carpaccio for plum taste

Pair Seared Tuna with Pinot Noir for cherry taste

A special tobacco taste come out from pairing Syrah with Duck Breast

Zinfandel- spices – Chili Con Carne

Chardonnay good with Pasta Alfredo for melon taste

Sauvignon Blanc: lime – Vegetable Risotto

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