Inside Skinny On What Sash Window Workshop Tools Of The Trade Are A-Must?

When you move into your new house, make sure you have sash window workshop tools of the trade at your disposal. Invariably your windows will need maintenance and then you do not want to be rushing about trying to find these tools.

In older houses windows begin to crack, these will need repairing. The putty, because of years of exposure to the elements will become brittle and start to come apart. This could cause windows to fall out of the window frames. The elements could also cause paintwork to become shoddy and they will require fresh paint. Sash cords could also need fixing as wear and tear sets in.

The tools you need can be bought for not very much, and all at your local hardware store, this will help the repair of your sash windows. This conditional on the wooden frames not needing major repair work themselves.

A wooden window workshop will have all the carpentry tools that you might need to fix up your sash windows. The rest of the tools such as a tape measure, work gloves, goggles and a wide flat-head screwdriver, you will probably have in your toolbox at home.

Step 1 is to get rid of all the putty that is holding the window in the doorframe. This would be done with your chisel, paint scraper or your putty knife. If the putty is resistant then either the chisel or the putty knife will get this loose very quickly. Work cautiously so as not to damage the window frame.

All the putty should be removed with no residual bits left. You should only be able to see wood once all the putty has been removed. It may require a bit of sand papering getting the last bits of putty out. Now you can place the new window in the frame with new putty of course. Smear the putty smoothly and neatly with the putty knife.

Depending on whether you want to paint the windowpanes, you will need glazing compound, glazing points (or push points), a paintbrush and exterior primer as well as exterior trim paint.

Your home will look beautiful and you will enjoy a sense of accomplishment at a task well done. This is all done with the sash window workshop tools of the trade.

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