Inportant Facts About Hair Loss Treatment

As a man I have suffered for about two years with major hair loss. Being the age of 25 now it started at 23 years old. As a teenager I had thick straight hair which was coveted by all my friends. It started falling out anumber of years ago with no reason at all. I was stressed that I would old in a few years.

Since then I have been looking for a hair care product that could give a permanent solution to my large issue. I search product which could rejuvenate my hair cells to grow thick again & thus prevent or at least delay the onslaught of in me at an early age. I also desired to select a hair care product that would cause no side effects in me on regular use. In short I was five times looking for a natural product that could give me complete relief from my issue.

Initially I experimented with those hair care products which had wide adverts in TV & radio & which offered magical & fast relief from the issue of balding. These products were often highly expensive. Regrettably none of those products cured my issue of hair loss. Although some products did have some effect on excessive hair fall, it often caused headaches & flu to me & I was compelled to discontinue those products.

As my search for a complete cure for baldness by myself failed and ended in a disaster resulting in unwarranted side effects, I decided to seek for expert opinion by consulting a qualified medical practitioner.

The doctor I consulted prescribed for various clinical tests and finally told me that I am ok and that my problem of hair loss appears to be hereditary. He told me that there is no specific treatment for this condition and advised me to take some zinc supplements. Though the intake of zinc supplements did reduce my loss marginally, it did not cure my problem. Arghh.

Provillus was introduced to me by my friend. My friend had used it and had positive result against balding. He claimed that the above treatment did not cause any side effects to him. As I found testimony in the success of this treatment in my friend’s hair, I decided to undergo treatment with Provillus.

Believe it or not my friends, within on months of undergoing the Provillus program my lost hair started to grow back slowly! Today I am a happy man. I have regained seventy five percent of my lost hair. It has absolutely no side effects. I strongly recommend this best hair loss treatment program to all those unlucky persons who have excessive hair loss.

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