Inground Lap Pools: A Great Workout

Swimming pools are useful for many purposes. Many people, when they think of pools, think first of the lush structures provided by hotels and resorts, which exist mainly for recreation. Pools, however, are incredibly helpful in fitness. Aquatic exercise is rising in popularity; likewise, more and more pools are being constructed with exercise in mind.

For an effective workout, you should consider inground lap pools. Swimming is an excellent workout for all different types of people. For those that have joint problems and experience discomfort with walking or other forms of exercise, swimming may be a great alternative. Swimming does not put the pressure on the joints as other forms of exercising do. A lap pool with a flowing current may be a perfect solution to achieve the desired exercise while avoiding pain.

As the name would imply, lap pools are built specifically for exercise in the form of ‘lap swimming’. Unique among swimming pool designs, the lap pool is usually of a rectangular shape, which is different from the circular form that is often used for recreational swimming pools. Another unique part of the design of lap pools is that they tend to be much slimmer, often only one lane in width.

Lap swimming is a gentle and effective exercise that can be done by most everyone. Fitness and muscle tone is increased while protecting joints. And it is a wonderful stress reliever.

Indoor lap pools offer versatility and space savings. They may be installed in a fitness room or another room and can double as a decorative feature indoors or out.

One feature of many pools, both elevated and inground lap pools, is a current. In this type of pool, a current is added to the water, flowing in one direction. By swimming against the current, a swimmer can experience an endless swimming pool effect. This makes their workout both more effective as well as allowing the pool to be placed in a smaller space.

Inground lap pools may be placed either indoors or outdoors. Indoor pools have the obvious advantage of being less sensitive to outdoor temperature fluctuations, but even an outdoor pool can be made to work year-round. Heated pools are popular among both business owners and homeowners, and make swimming far more comfortable regardless of the season.

The cost of installing a lap pool depends on the size of the pool and which features are to be included. Usually, a larger pool will cost more to install. Adding features such as heating systems and automatic current will also increase the price. Most people consider the costs of installation to be a small price to pay for the exercise and personal enjoyment that they get from their pools.

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