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Not so long ago HP came out with a new desktop pc called the HP Pavilion. It’s a really great piece of home equipment and in this article I’d like to use this chance to introduce you to some of the unique features that are being provided.

HP has done a fine job of building their brand name of trust and integrity. They’re products are all up to a certain standard which tends to be far higher than the average computer company. HP have managed to develop and compete due to they’re exceptional engineering as well as technologies.

HP has seen its share of highs and lows but today after almost a decade, it has emerged as the undisputed winner in the field of desktop computers. Along with the recent launch of the HP Pavilion p6300uk desktop PC, things just got better.

Hewlett-Packard’s Pavilion p6300uk desktop computer has a solid processing unit which is powered by AMD Athlon II X2 Processor 215. The processor has a speed of 2.7 GHz which is complimented with Microsoft’s 64-bit Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium operating system, which is pre-installed in the device.

The power consumption is also moderate as it runs through a power supply of around 300 Watts. The hard disk consists of a five hundred Gb of SATA Hdd hard disk having a optimum clock rate of 7200 rpm. This means, the device will be using its significantly high potential and storage capability to the best of abilities which provides users with lots of room in order to save as well and file away they’re documents.

Hewlett Packard has changed the norms by going for an all black solid metal body with aluminum finish body. While the screen is of the liquid crystal display type, it would have been better had Hewlett Packard gone for thin film transistor technology rather than the traditional liquid crystal.

The screen size is huge and the 20 inch monitor with a glossy finish textured screen is impressive. Such beauty gives us the feel that we really are near the movie screen. The 20 inch screen has an aluminum finish with a black gloss border around the screen. The screen resolution is 1600 by 900 pixels and comes with 16:9 DVD aspect ratios.

The HP Pavilion p6300uk Desktop Computer PC passed with flying colours in the performance test. It had to, with such mammoth-like power and optimised capability under the hood, this was clean winner right from the start. The HDD drive with 3 GB DDR3 RAM and the AMD XII processor made this device a super fast machine and boot time took just 13 seconds flat. Windows 7 booted up with no difficulty and worked like dream.

Yet another point that has been made is that it is very quite pc which makes almost no sound at all. One can barely hear it while the system works. And it hardly ever heats up throughout long hours of extreme use. However, like all desktop pc’s they do tend to get a little slower as time goes by as they all have very low cache memory.

This pc has also responsible for changes that have been being made in the new HP models from now on. It is reported that whilst many of these advancements are being kept secret until they are all patented, you will see massive changes to they’re product line from now on.

In one short, simple answer, the final verdict is “YES!” This is just the perfect device for all types of home and office requirements and finally Hewlett Packard has created an undisputed winner! It is miles ahead of its competitors and with such a perfect blend of beauty and beast coupled with features and performance, this desktop PC could not have been better. The screen size is also big and glossy and everything about the device is a beauty.

This device has already made lots of heads turn and has carved a space of its own. Be it playing games, watching movies, editing videos, listening to music, working with documents or anything else; this is among the best answers to all your problems!

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