Air Canada began as Trans-Canada Airlines, in Sep,’37. The first flight of Air Canada was on a Lockheed L-10A, from Vancouver to Seattle, carrying mail and only two passengers. It was a mere 50 minutes flight. The airline developed fast, and by’64, Trans-Canada Airlines became Canada’s national airline. At that time, it was renamed as Air Canada. The airline became private in the year’89. Air Canada also acquired the Canadian Airlines International, around the same time.

The airline is today more than 70 years and is largest airline providing passenger service in Canada. It carries approximately 32 million passengers yearly, to 170 varied destinations worldwide. Air Canada ranked as–th among the different airlines worldwide.

Air Canada has a belief that the customers must find the journey convenient and thus, it is the only airline, which provides special flight passes. These flight passes lets the travelers to handle their trip through the Internet. The travelers can obtain these flight passes either as the pre-purchased flight credits, or through a monthly subscription, which lets you enjoy unlimited flights service in some particular sectors.

Air Canada has been ranked as one of the world’s best airlines, and this is based on the feedback provided by the passengers of Air Canada. According to a survey that was conducted, from August 2006 and June 2007, the airlines received the ‘Best Airline in North America’ title. It also received the ‘Airline Industry Achievement Award’, in the year 2007 for achieving the position of a market leader. The airline already won several titles like ‘Best Airline in Canada and North America’, judged by the readers of different travel magazines.

Besides working hard to keep their customers content and pleased, Air Canada also works hard enough to play their part in keeping the environment and nature preserved. They have initiated this process already by expending billions; and investing money in new aircrafts, which would save more energy. Air Canada has successfully reduced the emission level of their flights, by 28%. By the year 2020, the airline also has the ambition of bettering the efficiency of their fuel by 25%.

Air Canada also launched green programs in-house and recycling programs on board. They teamed up with an interesting program called ‘zerofootprint’. This program allows passengers to voluntarily offset the carbon emissions from the flight they have taken by participating in the reforestation program in Canada.

Although Air Canada is one of the world’s largest airlines, it still needs the help of other airlines to provide its passengers with a suitably extensive network of destinations.

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