Info On Erectile Dysfunction Therapies

[I:]The choice of erectile dysfunction treatments is varied and all these options should be discussed and decided upon between you and your health-care professional in order to find the most suitable treatment.

A change in your lifestyle may be the answer to your problem. Exercise is a marvelous option to reduce stress levels. This reduction will lower your blood pressure and the exercise will make you feel much better about the way look. It will boost your self esteem, image and confidence.

There are several treatment drugs to consider and talking to your doctor about this will assist with the correct drug treatment for your specific case. Hormone therapy is good for raising low testosterone levels and this may improve sex drive and erections.

Penile prosthesis is a further option. The device is either soft or it is inflatable. The simplest prosthesis is made up of two bendable rods which are implanted into the penile erection chambers surgically. This type of implant keeps the penis semi-rigid all the time and it only has to be adjusted or lifted into position to start sex.

Vascular reconstructive surgery is another option however since it is difficult technically, costly to undergo and it is not always an effective method, it is not very often performed. The procedure involves going around blocked arteries. This is done by taking an artery from an abdominal muscle to a penile artery in order to make a path to the penis which will bypass the area where the blockage that is inhibiting blood flow to the penis is situated.

In addition to well known erectile dysfunction treatment with viagra, levitra, cialis prescription drugs treatment (of course you always can use their cheaper generic alternatives), you can also consider alternative treatments as part of the investigation into erectile dysfunction treatments.

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