Inflatable Paintball Bunkers – 4 Big Reasons To Get Some

If you are looking for bunkers to add to your field, then consider inflatable ones. They are great to use for a couple of reasons, of which you can see below.

Lightweight – Since they are so light, you can easily move them. This is an awesome feature, as it makes switching up the layout of your field extremely easy. You won’t break a sweat picking these things up (unless of course it’s 100 degrees out), and you’ll get that new layout up and ready in no time. Try doing that to a wooden bunker… you’ll probably give up after moving a couple.

Fun to Play Behind – There’s just something about an air bunker that is fun. Perhaps its because you can mold it to the contour of your body, and get much closer to it than other kinds of barriers. When behind one of these players can use their gun barrels to push a side in, and easily pop around the side to squeeze off a couple rounds – all without scratching their barrel.

Easily Fixed – If one rips or gets a hole, no worries! Most come with patch kits, and if not you can easily grab one from the manufacturer. Patch kits are easy to use too. All you have to do is remove the protective sticky layer and apply it over the spot that is leaking. Once that’s done the bunker is as good as new!

Incredibly Safe to Use – What’s safer than air? Nothing. You can literally run into these things at full speed and not hurt yourself. As a field owner you can rest assured knowing players won’t tear their skin on a loose nail, get a splinter, or break a leg tripping over a jagged part. No other paintball bunker is safer.

These kinds of bunkers are without doubt an effective solution for paintball field owners seeking a fun, safe, light, and easy to fix bunker to make their next field out of.

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