The process of applied art, architecture and engineering which give physical shape or solution to meet industry needs. It is a visual shape, configuration, or pattern of manufacturing equipment.Industrial design is an interaction between people and products.Main focus of Industrial Design is

• Functionality and Specifications
• User Experience
• Styling
• Quality
• Price Ability

Industrial Design is creating & designing concepts with specific needs that give process, steps, and appearance of product for the benefit of manufacturing.China Industrial Design has great demand in worldwide market to deliver high quality industrial design elements for products that are used in china manufacturing.

Industrial Designer:Industrial Designers play a key role for the manufactured products.Industrial designer is nothing but a concept developer.

Good Industrial Design = Good Business Product = Good Output

Industrial Designer needs 5 key skills:

1. Creative problem-solving approach
2. Quick ability to present the concept with random sketches
3. Good verbal and written communication
4. Professional in 3D design skills with vector based
5. Should know mechanical basics and background

Industrial Design includes:User-driven ergonomics To improve manufacturing methodology Considering client specifications Following standards and specifications Industrial Design Steps:

• Creating usability goals
• Creating user interface concepts
• Modeling the user interface
• Testing the design Industrial Design is mainly classified as
• Human
• Technical Human includes
• Social / cultural
• Ergonomics (usability)
• Cognitive
• Physical Technical includes
• Materials
• Technology

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