Inbound Link Building in Internet Marketing

A technique to generate inbound links to a website to increase web traffic and internet popularity.
It is a most effective approach to build high Page Rank in search engine and gain popularity over competatitors.Link building is a best Internet marketing Strategy.
Inbound links play a key role in determining rakings in search Engines.
Link Building will depend upon two important factors:
• Internal Link Building Factors
• External Link Building Factors
“Building high authority inbound links is a key aspect”
Link Building is three types:
One way Link Building: Link from website A to website B but no link back from website B.
Website A r Website B
Two way Link Building: Mutual Link between both website A and website B .It is also called as reciprocal link building.
Website A ßrWebsite B
Three –Way Link building: In this website A can link to website B and C and there is mutual linking between these three websites.
Website A r Website B r Website C
Link Building can help….
1. Increase Page Rank
2. Increase Traffic to a website
3. Increase Search Engine Visibility
4. Increase Sales leads
5. Gain long run popularity to a website

Link Building Ideas:

1. First Set a clear goal
2. Make sure your website has keyword reach content telling that your website is worth linking.
3. Determine your target authority websites to link.
4. Create a quality link partner

Fastest ways to have better inbound links:
• Link Exchange with link partners
• Forum Participation
• Blog Participation
• Article Writing & Submission
• Directory Listings
• Classified Ads
• Press Releases

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