In Your Search For An Oriental Rug

Are you considering decorating your home with an Oriental rug? If so, I commend you and encourage you to seriously deliberate on it. An Oriental rug is a good investment. It is a great decor to have at home, as it is beautiful in itself yet easily complements any interior design or style. Here are some information you need to know in your quest for the right Oriental rug for your home sweet home.

What is an Oriental rug made of? They can be made from a variety of fibers. The fiber choice plays a big part in the price that you will pay. Silk and wool threaded rugs are the most expensive whereas cotton, sisal and synthetic materials cost far less. Unfortunately, the more luxurious the rug is the least durable it will be. Synthetic fibers resist staining and stand up better under wear and tear.

The colors of Oriental rugs come from the dye. Natural coloring such as those from plant roots, fruits and vegetables give off high-quality colors found in silk and wool-made rugs. Oriental rugs with less quality such as in synthetic materials or the imitations do not have the same superior colors produced by natural dye.

These rugs can be made by hand or machine made. If you can distinguish a pattern on the back, then you know it has been made by hand. Machine made Oriental rugs can give the appearance of a hand knot while being more durable. Some handmade pieces have a soft cloth backing. This cloth is usually cotton. Before purchasing one, ask to remove the backing to check for flaws. Ensure that the backing has been sewn as glued-on backings do not last long.

Here’s another information – A handmade genuine Oriental rug has a handmade fringe as well. The border of the rug is part of the material that comes from the loom. If you see a sewn fringe, it denotes a fake Oriental rug.

Shopping for an Oriental area rug can be fun. Plan to take a friend along and make a day of it. If you are lucky enough to live in a large metropolitan area you may be able to find authentic importers whose rugs come straight to them from the source, one of the Middle Eastern countries where Oriental carpets are made.

Looking for a genuine Oriental rug should be savored and treated with love. The enjoyable thing about scouting for the real deal is the information you can acquire by chatting up the seller or dealer. Oriental rugs are highly regarded by carpet aficionados and collectors. This kind has existed for centuries and has not lost any of its value. In fact, Oriental rugs are getting more popular and expensive because of high demand. A real worth for the money.

Bargaining is still an option, especially if you’ve found your way to a specialty store. Have a budget so you won’t get confused by the wide selection. Haggle if you have to and try to negotiate the best you can. Take my word, it’s worth every effort.

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