In short: Android 12, “holographic Zoom” and other Google announcements at the opening of the I/O 2021 conference

In two hours, the company revealed details about Android 12, showed a new design-Google’s language, holographic video conferences and many service updates.

On May 18, the annual Google I/O conference for developers began. Usually, the company presents new products and services or their updates at the introductory report.
In 2019, Google announced the Pixel 3a, Android Q, improved Google Assistant, and the Nest Hub smart display. In 2020, the conference was canceled due to the pandemic.
Android 12 with a redesign of the system
Android is installed on 3 billion devices.
Google’s new design system is Material You, which will replace Material Design. It offers a set of interface design principles that Google will use in all products: from the search service and Pixel devices to Android and its applications.
Google calls Android 12 ” the biggest design change in recent years.” The design elements are bigger, brighter and more attractive, the animations are also bigger, and the colors are more pastel. While there’s less visible information on one screen, it’s a worthwhile trade-off, The Verge notes.

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