In Riga capital of Latvia traffic lights are equipped with speed detectors

In Riga, Jaunciema gatve near the intersection with 4th line auntiem on a regulated pedestrian crossing, a traffic light equipped with the first in the capital by the speed detector, have informed portal Delfi in the Department of Riga city Council.

The detector is installed for traffic safety on the section of the street where the educational institution is located. In addition, the street is winding, and there are private houses nearby.

The system is triggered if a car approaching a pedestrian crossing is moving over the speed limit, so the red light immediately lights up.

For drivers, there are warning signs “Maximum speed limit” (Nr. 323) and “Photoradar” (Nr. 853). But violators will not be fined, the department explained.

It is known that other traffic lights will also be equipped with detectors in Riga. Such equipment has previously appeared on the Jelgava highway and in Babit.

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