If you run a ministry, you know that there are many challenges facing you on a daily basis. You want to be ministering to your congregation and yet there is a large business component that is involved. The idea of managing a church payroll and ensuring that all expenses and financial calculations are performed properly may be too much for a lot of clergy members.

The problem is that even though your organization is not-for-profit, you still have to ensure that payroll is taken care of properly and that you are making all of the necessary deductions that regional and federal laws require employers to make. There are also many different forms that need to be filed in order to report your financial activities properly.

You have a few different options to choose from. You can either choose an online service that will prepare your payroll for you or you can look at hiring a bookkeeper or accountant to prepare your payroll for you. There are advantages to both of these approaches. Here is a closer look at what they are.

Online payroll programs can be a great solution to your needs. Because you are working with a service that is dedicated to preparing payroll, they should be more familiar with the rates and deductions that need to be made in order to keep your organization in good standing with any taxation agencies. You need to make sure, however, that they have experience dealing with not-for-profit agencies such as a church or a charity since the rates and deductions may be somewhat different for you.

You also want to make sure that the service you choose is familiar with the taxation laws and rates in the area where your ministry or church is located. This is because rates and percentages that need to be deducted can differ from country to country or even region to region. You can choose to hire a live bookkeeper or accountant to deal with your payroll. This is good because you can speak with them in person if you have any questions or concerns. However, there are two main drawbacks to working with a live bookkeeper.

Bookkeepers and accountants can also help you with your church payroll issues. There are advantages to dealing with a live human. The first is that if you have any questions you can ask them directly instead of dealing with a website that may be located in a distant geographic location. You also need to be aware that there are some drawbacks to working with an in-person bookkeeping service.

Another issue is that they may not be aware of the exact requirements that not-for-profit organizations may have. By taking the time to ensure that a bookkeeper has experience managing the finances of a church you can get around this issue.

Experience dealing with not-for-profit agencies is also important when it comes to selecting a bookkeeper. This is because there are many unique aspects to running charities, churches and other non-profit organizations. If you are able to find the right church payroll management techniques you can stop worrying about this necessary administrative task. You can go back to ministering to your flock with a clear mind and a heart to God.

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