In Japan, a room has been created that charges smartphones and laptops over the air without wires

The room transmits energy to devices through magnetic fields that are safe for people.

A team of researchers from the Universities of Tokyo and Michigan has developed a method of transmitting energy through the air, with which you can turn entire buildings into wireless charging zones for devices. As a demonstration, scientists have created a” charging room ” measuring 3x3x2 meters, at any point of which you can use fans, lamps and discharged smartphones without wires. The researchers told about this in the journal Nature.
The experimental “charging room” is capable of supplying at least 50 watts of power to any place using magnetic fields. The energy is transmitted by concentrated capacitors in the cavities of the walls — they create two three-dimensional magnetic fields that cover the entire volume of the room, including the corners.
Due to the created resonance, the fields lose relatively little power at meter distances — the efficiency of the room exceeds 37%. To use the energy of these fields, it is enough to install compact magnetic coils on the devices.
Tests on anatomical mannequins showed that the “charging room” does not exceed the recommendations of the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on the effects of electromagnetic fields. This means that such a system of wireless energy transmission does not interfere with the operation of electronics and does not heat biological tissues.
Scientists believe that the created system can be scaled both in power and in size — for example, to build a medical ward or an industrial workshop, inside which part of the equipment will work without wires.

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