Nowadays, the hen party is celebrated almost in every corner of the world, just a little bit before the precious moment of the wedding. As the word indicates, hen stands for any “female of any bird species”. In slang, hen means woman, so, from the very beginning, it is clear that the party is dedicated to women, only. It is true that it is not recognized under the same name everywhere in the world, but no matter if it is called the bachelorette party, stagette or hen party, they all send to the same significance: the last moment before overstepping the threshold toward the new life of married women.

The first stop will be back in the fifth century in the middle of a Spartan party. It is true that there are just men all around drinking and gambling, but that was the meaning of a stag party at that time. One last moment of freedom before their wives could check their lives, but mainly their income. Probably, this does not cater for the taste of the ladies nowadays. So, the seat belt being fastened, the time machine will send its travelers in the Ancient Britain. This time, there was a moment just for the bride, but it looked like a ceremony to fulfill a ritual. Evil spirits did not have a chance to get even closer the beautiful bride. In the mood for different cultures and civilization? It means the time machine stopped in the Middle East where a lot of ladies gathered and were busily adorning the bride’s hands with henna tattoos. The symbolism was the same, though. The “eye of the Devil” was meant to be closed for ever after this ceremony.

Probably that was the base of the pyramid if it could be called as such. In addition to this, the Ancient Britain brought the bride in the limelight. Famous rituals were accomplished in order for the young bride to be entirely protected against the evil spirits. Rituals with a different pattern took place in the other corner of the world in Asia. Here, the pan of the scale inclines towards a different type of ritual, the one in which the hands of the future bride are the gates towards her soul and for this reason, they have to be embellished with some wonderful protective symbols.

Step by step, the pyramid seems to be erected and getting closer to its top. A Victorian hen party represented a very quiet evening in which the pride could boast with the bottom drawer. All the things that she could make or gather for her life of married woman were there in front of the female relatives. In case the father did not appreciate the groom and his daughter married him against his will, those relatives were supposed to be the saviors bringing her different items necessary in the house under the title of gifts.

Al in all, the time machine played its role in the most appropriate way. Nothing like the present, nothing like the wonders of today. Still, who knows what tomorrow might bring?

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