Important Details About Louvre Museum Paris Guided Tours

One of the sought to be visited world museums is situated in Paris, France. Louvre Museum is the home of the most exquisite art pieces across time lines and geographic locations.

Choosing guided tours will be suitable for those who are not so into art but looking to have a better knowledge about it. Guides will assist you all through your visit at the Louvre.

English tour guides in Le Louvre are offered 3 to 5 times daily depending on the time of the year. This takes about 90 minutes which will enable you to see the museum’s highlight artworks.

Louvre tours typically start on American architect Im Pei’s glass pyramid which is seated at the middle of the museum. Fees are charged on adults, free among kids aged under 13, and a discount is available for those 13 to 18 years of age.

Tours are available on a first come first served basis and can only accommodate 30 people. It is then recommended to arrive earlier at the glass pyramid to get a reservation for the daily guided tour.

The Louvre museum also has an audio guide available in six languages that takes you through more or less the same pieces of art work that you’d see with the human tour guide. Audio guides last 90 minutes and can be rented from a desk near the information desk at the front of the museum.

The Louvre Museum is not open on Tuesdays and Public holidays. From Wednesday to Monday the Louvre Museum is open from 9am until 6pm. On Mondays, some wings of the Louvre remain open until 9.45pm. Tickets stop going on sale 45 minutes before closing time, and museum guards will start clearing many of the halls half an hour before closing time.

Standard tickets facilitate you to enter the museum as many times as you want within one day, enabling you to leave for lunch or to rest in the middle of the day. Standard tickets enable you to see all permanent exhibits; but, temporary exhibits incur an additional fee.

Free entrance is offered for all at the Louvre Museum on the first Sunday of every month. If you intend to visit some museums while in Paris, why not think of investing in a Paris museum pass that gives you entry to more than 70 museums and monuments in the city.

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