Importance Of Communication In Retention Of Students

Student retention is one of the hallmark elements in assessing a career school’s effectiveness. Yet, only a handful of school owner’s have an acute appreciation for how to truly affect continuously high retention rates. College student retention is always on the forefront of the minds of college student advisors, deans, and administrators. Rightfully so, because without college students, colleges and universities cease to exist and the advisors and deans are without a job. One of the challenges is defining where the problem really exists. Most of the effort in finding solutions to retention issues is focused on solving systematic problems. But that’s missing the mark. The initial focus has to be on getting to know your students. To know how to succeed in the career school business and maintain high retention rates is inseparable from knowing your students. You can’t have one without the other.

Therefore retention and academic success is hugely important to ensure the success of a college or university. As a former college student and lifelong learner who frequents college campuses speaking on this topic and occasionally taking some professional development coursework myself, I have observed and come to know a few reasons why colleges fail at retention and why college students become discouraged and leave college.

These days, majority of colleges and universities are dealing with problems regarding student retention. Administrators have continuously looked for ways to effectively manage the schools they are running because of the fact that each year, a decreasing number of students enroll in their respective schools. Although there may be other reasons why students drop out of school. But whether it’s about financial or social factors, fact is, the institution itself can do much in making increasing the likelihood that students stay despite their own personal challenges.

The reality is, the academic system can’t exist in itself without the educators and the students and this is an enough proof that there are factors to be explored to make their relationship better. Just like any other relationship, communication is important.

In academic institutions, communication is very important between schools and their students. In fact, even the most basic scenario of a student planning to leave school can illustrate this perfectly. For example, when financial problems are preventing someone from finishing his degree, the existence of a direct channel between the student and the administration will provide everyone a means to come up with a suitable arrangement. Instead of the student quitting school altogether, there can be compromise that will allow him to continue studying and pay his fees on a mutually agreeable schedule. This scenario can cause the profit of the school to be delayed but this is better compared to have less enrollee on its master list.

To make this communication channel work, the people who will be making it possible should conduct themselves in a manger that is fit to manage student concerns. And the school administrators should ensure that they do so. If the staff implementing it shows a negative attitude, this channel, no matter how well it was made, will not be effective. All human relationships depend significantly on their natural need not only to be heard but also to be heard while understanding that one is welcome for whatever he has to say.

Education, after all, isn’t just about gaining knowledge on different subjects. It is also about providing them a fertile ground for wisdom to grow on both educators’ and students’ sides. When it comes to making people stay, relationships have to stay healthy of this to be possible, effective communication provides the magic formula.

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