Whatever be the age of a drug addict he always behaves like a small child. He whines a lot and always wants things which are not good for his health. It is the family and friends around him which are instrumental in getting away from the drugs. It is like a bad phase in an individual’s life which has to be considered as a bad part and one should learn to move ahead in life.

For rehabilitation it is important that one really finds out what suites an individual and how he can be benefited from a particular program and how it is better than the others. One of the most widely acknowledged and used program is the impatient rehabilitation method. At times it is considered to be the most intensive treatment available for addiction treatment.

This program follows the philosophy that one gets away from an addiction only if he understands how bad it is. This is achieved by him understanding the perils of the path he had embarked upon.

This realization is at times enough for him to get away from the addiction. In the impatient rehabilitation program, many addicts and alcoholics live among each other in a residential setting where they receive full time care from trained professional staff to assist them in addressing their addiction issues.

Inpatient rehabilitation comes in two general forms a short-term and a long-term program. The short term inpatient rehab is usually for a period of 30 days and the addicts stay at the residential center. At times this 30 day period is considered to be a “dry-out” period and is indicated for individuals who are suffering from addiction badly enough to need displacement from their everyday lives, but not so severe as to require a lengthy multi-month stay at a facility.

Short-term inpatient rehabilitation is the most common form of rehabilitation, but not necessarily the most effective. Due to the high cost of rehabilitation and the limited coverage from insurance for substance abuse, 30 days is often all that insurance or finances do cover.

For people to whom the cost of the program is not an issue, usually go for the long term program. It is also found from the research into that the long-term treatment is far more effective in remolding each individual back to a functioning, sober human being than the short term program. What actually is important is how comfortable an individual is and how easily one can get accustomed to his new life.

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