“iMac for most people, but not professionals”: journalists rated iMac on M1 and missed ports

The new monoblock can be a good device for those who want “all in one”, and for serious work it is better to wait for the updated iMac 27.

On May 18, foreign reviews of the 24-inch iMac with the M1 processor were released. Apple introduced the monoblock on April 20, and it will be available on May 21 — including in Russia.
What the reviewers liked and disliked-briefly.
What they praise for: new design, speed, and a normal camera
New design: slim and colorful body, improved screen.
Instead of a gray and convex body, the new iMac received seven colors and a flat body, its thickness is only 11.5 mm, and the weight of the monoblock is 5.4 kg. It resembles an iPad Pro on a stand with a “chin”, CNBC and The Verge note.
By reducing the frame, Apple has placed a 24-inch 4.5 K screen in the iMac, but the dimensions of the device almost do not differ from the previous generation iMac model with a 21.5-inch screen.
Under the screen is a large blank panel, painted in a lighter shade of the case, and around the display is a white frame. Without the Apple logo ,the “chin” looks like a “dead space” that you want to get rid of, writes CNET.
Mac is as fast as the new MacBook Pro and Mac Mini.
The appearance of the iMac has been completely redesigned, including thanks to the transition to Apple’s own M1 chips. It is ahead of Intel mobile processors and allows you to work without problems in Chrome with dozens of tabs, mount videos and compile projects, according to the reviewers.
But it is limited to 16 GB of RAM, and in complex tasks is inferior to computers with discrete graphics.
The performance of the iMac is similar to the MacBook Pro and Mac Mini — thanks to the built-in cooling, the monoblock does not reduce power under high load, like the Macbook Air on the M1.
At the same time, it works almost silently: the cooler is activated only in resource-intensive games like XCOM 2 or when working in Adobe Premiere with complex projects.

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