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Back in 2009, George Brown made a huge debut when presenting the Google Sniper course. The course is outstanding and one of the best internet marketing course released in 2009. Then, he came with Traffic Ultimatum course in March 2010. This July, George with his partner Alex is going to release their first membership site, IM Elite.

IM Elite is expected to be a bigger launch, with more training videos and powerful content. IM Elite members will have access to lots of training videos, members forum, blogs and able to chat with other marketers, share their thoughts and techniques.

The following methods are covered inside IM Elite membership:

1. Affiliate marketing training

Affiliate marketing is one great business model for beginners and experienced. There are thousands of people able to quit their day job and make a good living online thanks to affiliate marketing.

Unlike other business models, affiliate programs are free to join with little starting cost. In fact, if one affiliate focuses on free marketing techniques like search engine optimization, video marketing and articles, the traffic are for free.

Affiliate marketing is the business model that made five-figure income to George Brown back in 2009.

2. CPA marketing

CPA marketing is actually a form of affiliate marketing. Generally, an affiliate will be compensated for each sale. However, for CPA marketing, no selling required. CPA affiliate will be paid each time one visitor takes certain action, like filling form, downloading program and sign up for free trial offer.

One problem with pay-per-sale affiliate program is the visitors must hit one website with high buying intent. Otherwise, they won’t convert into customers. If the traffic is less targeted, it would be hard to convert it into sales. However, for CPA marketing the case is different. One CPA affiliate can even make money with Facebook traffic, which is usually hard to convert into sales.

3. Selling eBooks or video books

Selling eBooks is one lucrative industry for years and expected to be growing. What makes eBooks so special is no printing required. Even better, one eBook seller can include videos, training manuals and tools to help buyers achieving their goals.

4. Search engine optimization

Traffic is one important aspect for all online business. Anyone can start a business without much knowledge about website creation, but the case is different for traffic generation skills. That’s why, IM Elite will include all important aspects of SEO, link building, Sniper methods and more traffic generation tactics.

IM Elite is one incredible course that will expose tonnes of secrets to dominate Google search and get lots of traffic. More details can be found inside this Uk marriage visa IM Elite review.

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