If You Download Movies, Is The Video Store Doomed?

Video store owners worldwide surely trembled not so long ago when the first legal service to Watch Ramona And Beezus Movie Online Free was announced to consumers. After all, movie downloading companies today are aiming at a massive market. If you doubt there’s an opportunity waiting, just look at the huge number of films downloaded illegally in recent years.

Why, after all, would customers leave the comfort of their home to wander through a store to study video covers when anybody can do the same thing at their home keyboard? Why go out into the rain or snow or summer’s heat when everything’s available — legally — at the click of a mouse?

Legal movie downloading companies say they are aiming for the very customer who frequents the corner video store. Indeed, VHS and DVD rental is a massive market worldwide. Movie marketers today schedule not only the first-run release of each new movie these days, but also when it will be released in second-run theaters, then how and when it will hit foreign cinemas, then when the film will become available on DVD and when it will go to HBO, Starz, Showtime and other cable outlets. Now stir in one more possibility — home download release. What once was illegal has become a viable marketplace.

Just a few months ago, somebody sitting at their home computer uploaded a high-quality copy of a newly released film onto a certain illegal person-to-person file-sharing network. Within weeks, that one file had been downloaded by 30,408 people on six continents. Dozens of other illegal copies of the movie found their way onto the hard drives of many thousands more.

Today China is the capital of movie piracy. Indeed, within hours of a film being released nationwide in the U. S., illegal DVD copies are available on the street in Shanghai and Beijing. About 90 percent of DVDs sold in China are bootlegs, according to the Motion Picture Association of America. Why? Because China puts quotas on the number of foreign films allowed into the country — and carefully screens them, making sure nothing gets in that would spread dangerous ideas such as free speech or democracy. In Iran, every film must pass approval by Muslim morals police. The same restrictions apply in Saudi Arabia and throughout the Islamic world. And in Burma, Cuba and North Korea. So in each of those nations, movie pirates are feeding a hunger for freedom that dictators have tried to quash.

So, yes, Hollywood will be smart to continue adapting today’s ever-changing technologies. Several studios have worked out a deal with a file-sharing site that rents movies, which can be downloaded, but which self-destruct after viewing! Where will that go? Only time will tell.

Pirate successes are worth careful study. They do point to untapped opportunity. Not so many years ago, Hollywood actually fought the idea of marketing videotaped movies. The big studios feared that people would stay at home rather than go to their local cinema. They were wrong, however. Home viewing has expanded Hollywood’s reach. Today many new releases are never screened at a theater, but instead go directly to home video.

Some of the planet’s biggest DVD counterfeiters are in China — whose bootlegged discs have been identified in more than 25 nations worldwide. You can expect these same pirates to exploit the internet. But Hollywood would be smart to study their successes and figure out how customers wanting to Download Ramona And Beezus Movie Online Free can make moviemakers a lot of money.

Movies are one of the best forms of entertainment we have, and as long as Hollywood keeps making new ones, we will keep looking for Uk marriage visa download full movies online.

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