Ideas Why Wooden Sash Windows Will Last Longer Than Modern Plastic Sash Windows

The proof about why wooden sash windows will last longer than modern plastic sash windows is in the older homes. There are houses that are one hundred and fifty years old and older than still have the original wooden sash windows.

In climates where the elements are harsh, the wooden windows will, no doubt, suffer. But they can be restored, refurbished and replaced to last more than a hundred years again.

In olden times, there was no such thing as a preservative to keep the wood protected from the elements. But somehow the way they were built was strong and durable. Wood will rot eventually from rain and snow, but if it is sealed and preserved the life expectancy increases dramatically.

Plastic sash windows are very attractive. They look perfect and can be any color. And they will last a few years, looking untouched if regularly cleaned and polished. But eventually, they will become brittle and crack, the paint will chip and peel, and they will have to be replaced. They cannot be redone, reconditioned, or sanded and painted again in a cost effective manner. If you love them, you could try. But the best thing is to just buy another sash window, and begin that life cycle in the home.

While redecorating, it will be a pleasure to purchase new plastic windows. Even though they are expensive, it is worth it to have your home look stunning and modern again. And with little maintenance, just regular cleaning really, they will stay looking beautiful for up to ten years or maybe longer. This is what type of guaranty to may be able to get for your new plastic windows. Maybe some companies will guaranty them for 20 years, but not much more than that.

There are companies that restore hundred year old windows and older. They can make these windows look like they did when they were new. The restoration process may be costly, and some windows may even need to be replaced completely, but they will now be treated and sealed and will last perhaps another hundred years, with regular maintenance.

Whether you prefer the modern, clean look of plastic windows that will last for a couple of decades, or the elegance and old style look of real wood that may last your lifetime, there are many solutions to your search for window replacement. When you do decide to replace the windows in your home, you should at least research why wooden sash windows will last longer the modern plastic sash windows.

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