What Can You Do To Recall Your Past Lives?

In the world today, there are many more individuals who believe in reincarnation, than there are individuals who do not. For many it may be part of their religious beliefs, such as for Buddhists and Hindus, while for many others, it just makes sense to them or perhaps some may be simply curious. Whether they are searching for answers about that particular something that stands out in their minds that follows they all their lives or they are merely curious to find out, many individuals do their best to find out more concerning their past lives. There are various ways to discover the explanations, when you find yourself curious about past lives.

Journaling Your Experiences

One of the best ways to learn about your past lives is to begin a journal. You should write down the things you experience, even those experiences that may seem insignificant. While including the way you feel about any event, since our emotions are the strongest clues we have, that may relate to a past life. Journaling your experiences creates a written record that can aid you in piecing your clues together when using it later as a reference.

You will find clues in your present life and you should record them as well. These may include issues such as foods, climates, cultures and historical occurrences as well as things from your childhood and what you think about such things as architectural designs. You may want to include all those instances of experiencing dj vu as well as your natural gifts and talents or personality characteristics, innate fears and phobias as well as any distinguishing birthmarks and scars or occupations you feel drawn too.

Record your dreams as best you can, since past lives may show up occasionally while you dream as well as any time that you may get a hint of a past life. Keep in mind that dream symbols may be reprehensive of both present and past lives and they may carry a meaning for your personally for either the present or the past. It is a good idea to present yourself with a suggestion, before you go to sleep, that you want to learn about your past lives. When they come to you, simply write down everything and anything you may remember.

Past Life Regression Therapy

If you have the means to go to a professional past life regression therapist, go for it! They can help guide you through a regression and help you interpret the information you receive. There are a few places that train and certify these therapists. The International Association for Regression and Research and Therapies and the International Association of Past Life Therapists both train and certify professionals in this discipline. They may be able to help you find a therapist in your area.


Meditation is one of the various ways to aid you in exploring your past lives. Although, meditation is a private technique that helps to find out about a past life, however, many individuals may have a hard time trusting the information that they receive, therefore, you should always trust your feelings and instincts when receiving such clues.

There may be some valuable information coming to you when the images begin flowing in and out, while meditating may feel like daydreaming to you. You should write these things down in your journal to consider later. All the while you should keep in mind that your mind is extremely suggestible and will pull up that which you ask of if, however, you should always stay positive, rather than telling yourself that you cannot retrieve the information you seek. Your mind will believe anything you tell it.

Some individuals find that having a visual or audio stimulus, such as the flame of a candle or a sound is useful for meditation. You may be interested in using a pre-recorded guided meditation session from your therapist or listening to music or specific sounds such a Tibetan bells or the repeated sound of “om”.

Binaural beats is an interesting type of audio technology processing that offers some recent interesting advances. You can relax instantly and reach a state of meditation, that is generally reached by experienced Zen monks, when listening to the various frequencies that play in each ear, when using binaural beats.

Whichever method appeals most to you make sure you can meditate in an area that is peaceful and that you won’t be disturbed.

Lie down or sit in a comfortable position, while being in a receptive and positive frame of mind. You will focus on relaxing your muscles while quieting your mind. When undesirable concerns enter your mind, simply acknowledge them and then let then pass, however it may take some practice to do so. You should focus on your heart, while not expecting anything but relaxing. When questions arise, ask them and then let them go. The answers will come to you, when you least expect them.

No matter you beliefs in reincarnation, it is essential to know that you will receive images that will be helpful to you for resolving some matter in your life. You may not always receive images that are from a precious life, however, many individuals do receive enough information to begin researching and verifying events, places and even names.

Some people find out that the people they love now were with them in another lifetime, although their relationship with that person may have been different. For example your father may have been your brother or even your husband in one of your past lives.

No matter the initial belief of some individuals, concerning past lives or reincarnation, many individuals who do try regression may find that the information they receive can be extremely interesting and helpful.

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