Ideas For Organizing Items In A Closet

If you aren’t yet an organizing master, try getting some practice in your linen closet. This is an organizing task that is quick and easy, and brings satisfaction for a job well done without too much effort.

This is, assuming that the linen closet in your home is kept just for linen. If you also use your linen closet to store other things like towels or cleaning products, you need to figure out if there is enough room in there for everything. You may be able to find better places for your non-linen items.

Then, after you have decided what you will use the linen closet for, you can figure how to manage your storage needs. There are a number of systems available, and one is sure to work for you.

Most linen closets are most usable with a series of shelves. This maximizes usable space. Shelves and a hanging bar work well also. You can make even more usable storage space by using hooks and boxes or baskets for smaller items. This keeps small things from getting lost, and prevents the closet from looking cluttered.

The items that get the most use should be stored at eye level. This allows easy access. Your bed linens and the towels you use for bathing should go there. Less frequently used items, like out-of-season coats, can go on other shelves. If you store blankets and coats in that fashion, be sure to keep them in appropriate containers to keep them fresh.

Are you a person who keeps cleaning products and appliances in the linen closet too? Are your ironing board and iron, and your vacuum cleaner, in there? If so, you need to decide how to store the cleaning products you use. First, you need to take safety into account if you have children.

In homes with children, you should always keep cleaning products out of reach of the children. This means using the highest shelves for your products. It is also a good idea to install a safety latch on the door as well.

One thing that is a nice touch is to hang something fragrant in the linen closet, like a cedar block or lavender sachet. This keeps the bedding and towels smelling nice and fresh.

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