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Why does the landscape designing one does to surround a hot tub differ so greatly from ordinary landscape planning? Perhaps it’s because you have a raised hot tub. Sure, you can just put down a layer of mulch, but it will be painfully obvious just how little you spent and how little effort you put into your so-called landscaping.

Landscape designs around hot tubs don’t need to be complex to look professional. Simply purchasing attractive pots or planters as well as your favorite shrubs and flowers to surround the hot tub is one option. I like taking two pots and placing them on each side of the steps. I then plant two finely manicured trees within the pots; be sure to get trees that will not outgrow the pot or become too tall. The entrance to your hot tub is framed with beautiful greenery, and looks beautiful and welcoming.

When designing your oasis, find the ideal area for your hot tub. You will want easy access and probably a view and privacy. Adding a pathway with lights will make it easier to use at night and for cold weather locate it near the house.

Seclusion can be a real plus in your hot tub landscaping design. A fence or wall, a gazebo or tall dense plants can provide privacy. To also add protection from weather, an enclosure with a roof will help keep out rain and hot sun. Be sure to consider how the seasons will affect your view and privacy when using trees or plants as an enclosure. And avoid placing large plants near the hot tub so as not to add to the cleaning.

The very best approach would be to integrate landscaping designs for appearance with what I personally feel are highly desirable landscaping ideas for privacy. One such an arrangement could involve putting up a screened-in gazebo, which will highlight your hot tub and also make it usable when it’s rainy out or when the insects are swarming. Surround the hot tub by attaching some simple window planters filled with beautiful blossoms. And if gardening really isn’t your thing, you can always use silk flowers which will require very little care.

There are just too many ideas for landscaping around hot tubs to list them all. I will now focus on an Asian backyard hot tub. Assembling a pergola will give you both shade and sun while creating an Asian inspired hot tub. It is also nice to place some permanent cedar planter boxes around the hot tub and plant some colorful flowers and trees that will grow well in your local climate. This will also create a permanent feel to the hot tub, almost as if it’s build in.

The best kind of landscaped hot tub includes both an in ground hot tub and an in ground swimming pool. A small tropical jungle adds to the beauty of the hot tub and pool area. To create this, start by setting out attractive flowerpots in two groups of 3 (odd numbers are better-looking). To create a terraced look, try using three different sizes in each group. Finish creating a tropical look by filling the pots with hibiscus flowers, a miniature palm bush, and some naturally-flowing ivy.

With all of the ideas for landscaping around hot tubs that are out there, I can only touch upon some of the many possibilities. However, while you landscape, remember that you must allow the hot tub a path to drain when emptied. Otherwise all of your beautiful landscaping efforts could get flooded while the hot tub refills. Get creative and express yourself as you design your very own backyard oasis.

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