Ideal email structure for all marketing needs

How often do you receive letters in the mail, looking at which you want to cry and write to the authors, how bad it is. Why does the letter look clumsy, unattractive and does not give the desired result? There can be many reasons, but one of the main ones is the incorrect structure of the letter.

It is important to understand that there is no perfect structural formula for every letter. Therefore, in this article, I propose to consider the ideal structure for emails that meets most marketing needs.

AIDA Model
I would like to note the AIDA formula. In general, this formula is used for copywriting, but it also fits perfectly into the structure of any email.

A (attention) – attracting attention. In email marketing, getting attention starts with the subject line. For example, here is my home mailbox. I marked with red what really interested. Use one of three rules for creating subject lines and letters will be read with pleasure:

  1. The topic talks about the problem that worries the reader (for example, “How to choose a dress for different body types?”);
  2. The topic is unusual and funny (for example, “Stop loafing, read the marketing digest”);
  3. The topic contains brief information about the special offer (for example, “free shipping for the New Year”).

I (interest) – to capture the interest of the reader. If the previous stage goes well and the subscriber opens the letter, then we have a few seconds to interest him. The reader quickly looks through the header, then casually through the entire letter, and if nothing hooks him, and the topic is not disclosed, then he closes and forgets.

How to interest:

Start with a story or interesting fact;
Emphasize the benefits of the offer (highlight the size of the discount, free shipping and other goodies);
Make a catchy banner;
add animation (even though it is trite, but the eye clings).
D (desire) – we form a desire to perform the target action. If this is a special offer or a selection of goods, then we do not shout “BUY” in caps, we are selling the benefit from the purchase. This approach of showing benefit and comparison is appropriate for any targeted action. For example, the purpose of a newsletter is to increase the number of followers on the company’s Instagram. We tell in the newsletter that readers will be able to participate in exclusive contests only for Instagram with expensive gifts and show an example of posts in the form of a gallery so that the reader can see the level of the photo.

A (action) – we form a clear call to action. Before sending a letter, you need to understand for what purpose we generally write to subscribers. And only after answering the question “What is the purpose of this letter?”, You can prepare a call to action. The purpose of a letter is not always to sell a product. This is the goal of all marketing in general. It is necessary to research the sales channels and lead from the mailing list to the most popular of them, but of course not forget about the menu and the selection of products.

If you adhere to this structure in every letter, regardless of the marketing goal, then the success of the mailing is guaranteed.

special offer
You shouldn’t add a lot of unnecessary details in promotional emails. The structure of the letter for a promotional offer for a large number of products.

Step 1: the header contains the store logo and menu.

Step 2: a bright banner with the shortest possible terms of the promotion.

Step 3: a call to action button.

Step 4: standard footer with social media and unsubscribe options.


As you can see from the example – nothing superfluous: clear and understandable conditions, catchy banner, stylish letter, logical call to look at the product catalog.

If it is necessary to write about a stock with special conditions, then the structure will look like this.

Step 1: the header contains the store logo and menu.

Step 2: a bright banner with the title of the promotion or the main benefit.

Step 3: text describing the terms of the offer and benefits.

Step 4: a call to action button.

Step 5: standard footer with social media and unsubscribe options.


The main sales of such an insurance package are best made by sales managers, so it is logical to notify the subscribers of the newsletter about the promotion, and for better conversion, send them to the sales managers who can answer all the client’s questions and give full advice.

News digest
Such digests are needed so that if someone missed an important video, article or other content, he could get acquainted with the material. The structure of the digests is quite simple.

Step 1: header with logo and possible site menu.

Step 2: optional banner. This part is not necessary, since there will be pictures from articles / videos further, which means it will be bright without a banner. However, this does not prevent you from adding the main banner and making it less rich in color.

Step 3: text with information about what the digest will be about. It is best to give in this text some kind of secret or bonus, which can be found at the end of the letter. This further motivates you to read to the very end.

Step 4: block for PR or important informational footnotes.

Step 5: standard footer with social media and unsubscribe options.

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