I Must Be Crazy – It’s My Cheating Wife I Want Back!

I want my cheating wife back, how crazy does that make me? Believe it or not you are not ready for life in a rubber room. The fact that you want your cheating wife back says plenty of good things about you – especially if you want her back for the right reasons.

What are the right reasons to want your cheating wife back?

Actually there are a plenty of right reasons. Below are a few reasons for you to consider.

1) Because you really do love her and can’t stand the thought of waking up each and every day for the rest of your life without her by your side. Yes, real men do feel this way about the women they love. There are few reasons that are better than this for working things out with your wife and working to win her back after she has cheated on you.

2) You can’t stand the thought of tearing your family apart. You have a beautiful family that means the world to both of you and while the children are never reason enough to stay they can definitely be a compelling reason to take a second look and see what you’re really giving up by walking away. Your children can be the compass that you use to guide your family back together. You’ll be amazed at how cooperative they can be as you try to work things out between the two of you.

3) She really is the light of your world. If you know, without a doubt that her smile alone can brighten any room you walk into then you have a strong reason to consider forgiving her for cheating and taking her back. There are few women who will have this sort of impact on you. It’s a type of love that touches all levels of your being and you should not give this up lightly or recklessly.

4) You trust that she’ll never cheat again. There are times that she is just swamped by her own actions the same as you are. Of course this should not pardon the cheating she got herself into, but on the other hand it gives you some breathing room to deal with your conscience as well as her guilt. When you have that strong belief that she’ll never repeat the cheating she did, then there is no reason at all to punish her as well as yourself by putting a gap between you o ultimately banish her out of your life. What matter most is that you are not crazy for wanting that cheating wife of yours back within your embrace.

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