Hunting For An Xbox 360 Bundle ?. Some Outstanding Options Here

Since the Xbox 360 was launched there have been several different Bundles available to buy. Here is a look at some that are available. Even though you could obtain the Pro edition of the console in limited quantities the Elite 120 gigabyte model has truly taken over in it’s place out there. And today of course the 250gb drive is now available.

In no specific order we’ve firstly the Elite Winter 2009 Lego Batman & Pure bundle with a $50 gift card which as the title mentions comprises of the following: Lego Batman and Pure Games (two tremendous games for kids !), a 120 gigabyte hard drive, sleek black console with matching wireless controller and Xbox live headset.HD ready console as well as an HDMI port and Ethernet cable.

The 120gb drive has plenty of capacity for a complete library of Xbox LIVE Arcade games as well as downloadable high-definition Television shows, films, music, and all the other content which is available from Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

A very popular choice is the enormous Xbox 360 Modern Warfare 2 Limited Edition Console. What makes that one seriously popular at this time and it’s selling like crazy is the fact that the console has a 250 gigabyte Hard Drive in it and customised Modern Warfare 2 artwork on the side of the console including the much awaited Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 game. What is brilliant is the bundle consists of 2 wireless matching controllers where as the consoles normally just come with one. It is also well priced.

Take on a complete gaming experience with the Final Fantasy XIII Special Edition, featuring Final Fantasy XIII. Again this comes with two wireless controllers and a detachable 250gb hard hard drive.

The console itself has the Jasper chipset built-in which runs much quieter and it becomes less hot. So if you are looking for an upgrade to your old 360 or want one for a different room this is the way to go., the hard drive is the largest available (250 gigabyte) great custom Final Fantasy XIII engraving and don’t forget the game itself is fantastic !.

Final Fantasy XIII is well written, challenging, and ultimately entertaining. If you have an interest in Final Fantasy and need to upgrade (or get an Xbox360 for the first time), go ahead and get this bundle you won’t regret it. If you’re on a 120 gigabyte Elite than you should either sell it and get this bundle (if you want it bad) or just stick with it. The bundle is great for people still on an Arcade or 20GB Pro console from years back.

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