Human Hair Wigs Are Better Than Synthetic Wigs

With wigs becoming more and more an option for so many women sales teams have responded with a vast selection of styles and makes. Both the biggest factors are what the wigs are made of, one is human hair and the other is synthetic, plenty of people would choose the real hair wig, but you will need to take into consideration your budget and time you would like taking care of your new wig.

A real hair wig as it sounds is made of human hair, most of the hair utilized in the manufacture of these kinds of wigs comes from Asian born women. The hair has its own characteristics of been allot thicker, black and straight, also higher quality hair may be obtained from such areas of china. Both types of hair are obviously black in color and dead straight, this is designed for making straight black wigs however is not so good for a red head curly wig. To obtain this the hair is treated with some dyes and bleaches which does affect the grade of a real human hair wig in the long run.

The high end of the real hair wig market are wigs which were created from eastern European hair that could have come from countries such as Poland or Russia. The price of these wigs is a lot higher but the caliber of the hair is higher all of which will look better and keep going for a lot longer

If your choice is to buy a human hair wig make sure when you’re spending a lot of money you do your homework and investigate the origin on the hair that has been used to manufacture the wig, as you don’t want to be spending $5000 on a European human hair wig and discover that it has been created from Asian hair.

Let’s consider the top features of owning and caring for a human hair wig. The first thing you think of would be that the length of time the wig can last when compared with a synthetic one, it’s a lot longer even up to 10 times longer if your wig is maintained correctly. Another reason is the look, which is as human as possible, since the wig is natural hair they are often styled with heated styling tools, were as a synthetic one cant. Last one is it human hair, so handle it with care.

So we certainly have described some great benefits of a real human hairpiece , so which are the disadvantages of owning one , allow me to think , well I can only think about a few really. You need to re-style your wig right after each rinse you give it , since it is human hair it won’t hold the style just like a synthetic hairpiece would, also the price tag on these kind of wigs is considerably greater than other choices , but my opinion is go for top level if you need the top results.

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