Huawei has released a laptop with its own ARM processor and Linux distribution

Last year, after the imposition of tough US sanctions, Huawei was looking for alternative ways to develop. The company started developing its own hardware elements: processors and OS for mobile devices, smart watches. Now the company has really released a device on the market based on its own processor and its own OS. For more information, see the Selectel material.
What is this miracle of technology?

The laptop was named Qingyun L410. It is based on the Kirin 990 ARM processor and Unity OS. The operating system was developed partly by the state, partly by the company itself. After the Chinese company completes the Harmony OS, its own development, it will be pre-installed on both the Qingyun L410 and new models that will appear in the near future.
The Qingyun L410 is currently available for purchase only in China. The vendor positions the laptop as a corporate one, but ordinary users can also purchase it on the JD online platform.
Important point: the laptop was not developed from scratch. It was originally a MateBook B5-420 model that worked and still works with Intel processors. But then, after the appearance of an external factor in the form of sanctions, the company modified the hardware platform, making it compatible with the ARM architecture.
Of course, ARM is also not a Chinese development, and the United States has leverage over this company. But, apparently, it is easier for the Chinese to get ARM processors, since they definitely can’t get other chips, at least in the volumes necessary for mass production of their own devices. Companies like Intel and AMD refused to cooperate with Huawei immediately after the introduction of US sanctions. This year, Intel had to revoke a previously issued license. There are a few nuances here, which we will talk about.
The MateBook B5-420 has a different video chip-a discrete NVIDIA GeForce MX 350 video card. The Chinese had to abandon it for the same reason that they abandoned Intel processors. NVIDIA is subject to the US government and has refused to supply the chips to the Chinese company.

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