Huawei has planned to transfer the license for the production of its smartphones to other brands — Bloomberg

Among the possible manufacturers of Huawei smartphones, sources call Xnova.

The devices will be released in the Huawei design, but under a different name. This will allow the company to save the phone business from US sanctions, Bloomberg writes. Huawei will profit from third-party manufacturers.
The source of the publication said that the license can be obtained by a division of the Chinese state-owned Postal and Telecommunications Appliance company. In addition, Huawei phones can be sold under the brand of Xnova, which now sells its Nova smartphones under the Huawei brand.
According to another source, some of the company’s phones under its own brand will be sold by the manufacturer of telecommunications equipment TD Tech. Partners may still change as negotiations continue, Bloomberg notes.
The company has already started upgrading its some popular smartphones that ran on its own HiSilicon chips so that they could be adapted to Qualcomm or MediaTek processors. Huawei expects that as a result of the partnership, smartphone shipments will exceed 30 million units in 2022, the source said. The company declined to comment.
In 2019, the US Department of Justice, during the trade war with China, accused Huawei of industrial espionage, technology theft and bank fraud. At the same time, the company was blacklisted by the Ministry of Trade. In November 2020, Huawei sold the Honor brand due to sanctions.

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