Here are some ways you can make money at home. Most of these tips do involve having some basic knowledge of the internet. You can promote and sell products created by other people from your own website. This is called affiliate marketing. This is a good way to make money from home because you can focus on the product promotion not the creation of a product.

You can look at affiliate product networks at sites like clickbank,, or commission junction. You can make money from home by writing. All you need is a computer to research writing topics. You can search for writing gigs on freelance websites. You will want to have some sort of portfolio of your previous works so you will have a better chance of being selected.

Here is another home money making idea. You might have a lot of knowledge in a particular area. You can start a blog about that topic. You can write, or blog, on this subject to attract a readership. You can make the money by using your blog site for adsense ads, or you can promote affiliate products with your blog writing. You can even sell ad space. You will see all the options you have with your blog once you build one.

All right maybe you do not have knowledge on a particular topic. However do not let that end your blog attempt before you start. You can still make cash by blogging on hot topics. Blog about losing weight, about everyday tasks around the home, or even about how to make money while working from home. Here is another internet related idea… Buy and resell domain names.

Here is not that takes a little experience but you can learn to do it. One guy went online and bought a domain name at the right time and then was able to sell it for $300. It takes a little experience and a little timing buy you can get the hang of the idea like anything else with practice and effort. And you can search for a domain name with a keyword rich content that will get consistent traffic. You can buy it and then park the domain name and you will overtime earn money running ads on it. You can start a newsletter. But make it a good one, one you can build a subscriber base with.

When you have a good list you can use that to build your online business. You can over and over promote products, your own or affiliates, to your list. But do not simply send out one product offer after the next. Mix your offers with good content and you will build over time the trust of your subscribers.

Learn Search engine optimization. This might be a lucrative way for you to make money in the long term. Web masters are very busy usually to bother with this and you can help them get better ranking and help optimize their websites. You can charge a fee for your service and build up a good clientele.

You can begin selling on eBay which is a goldmine. Check for the hot selling items on and find wholesalers selling these products at a good price. There are many scams in this market so take care to find a seller you can trust.

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